Getting Rid of Fleas with Salt and Baker's Yeast

Written by Doris Donnerman (last updated February 17, 2009)


Fleas are pretty much disgusting. Especially when you have pets, fleas are definitely a concern; so, how then can you prevent and rid yourself of fleas in your yard, consequently preventing those fleas from dwelling on your pet. The method is quite simple actually and if you act now, you will most likely find success!

The answer you're looking for may very well be found in the simple solution of salt and baker's yeast. You always need to be giving your pets baths and while they may not like it, it is important for flea extermination and prevention. If your dog already has fleas, you may want to try this salt and baker's yeast solution.

For a couple of weeks, wash your dog frequently in a salt solution. Afterward, rub a bit of baker's yeast into the dog's coat. The combination of the two substances is bound to rid your pet of fleas because, seriously, what flea would want to reside on a dog that was covered in salt and yeast? This regime doesn't need to be permanent, but do continue it long enough to rid your dog of fleas and to make for preventions of future fleas.

Fleas are no fun for your dog and if your dog is unhappy, you probably won't be in the best of spirits yourself. Whatever you can do to rid and prevent fleas from residing on your canine is a good thing. Parasites of any kind are quite vile, so take the appropriate measures to ensure a happy dog and hopefully a happier you!

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2017-07-11 05:08:46

Amy Rodhe

I have two kittens and i have notice that they have fleas what is the best thing to get rid of them and the kittens love to sleep under my boyfriend dresser where it is dark but i need to get rid of the fleas any ideals. Or can i use some yeast on their food please let me know