Store Pet Food in Popcorn Tins

Written by Doris Donnerman (last updated February 17, 2009)


For all you pet owners out there, I'm sure you understand the frustration of the pet food bags. Seriously—they are large and they tip over and the smell of the food easily seeps out, making your entire laundry room (or kitchen or wherever you feed your pet) smell distinctly unpleasant. How can you fix this unfortunate side effect of pet ownership? You certainly can't quit feeding your dog, so the solution must lie in the food itself, and more specifically the methods of the food storage.

One of the best ways to store your pet's food is not in the floppy bag, but rather in more sturdy plastic containers, like old popcorn tins. You know those giant popcorn containers you can get from Sam's Club or Costco that seem as if they'll last you forever? Once forever is over and you have an empty plastic popcorn container, convert it into a pet food storage container instead. It will work marvelously and will safe you much pet food hassle.

All you have to do is wash out the container well, making sure to get out all the greasiness or dirt, and then let it completely dry. (Putting dog or cat food in a slightly moist container would yield worse results than the original paper bag). Once the jar is completely dry, transfer the pet food from the bag into the container. You may not be able to transfer it all at once, but do as much as you can and store the rest in the bag in a safe area, (preferably an area that isn't often accessed by anyone).

If you have massive amounts of pet food, you can always buy larger plastic containers from a hardware store (the 5-gallon paint cans work excellently for storage purposes). So, you needn't live with smelly, spill-prone, floppy bag pet food any more! The solution is simple and all it takes is some popcorn filled movie nights to free up that jug you need!

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2019-06-21 13:09:30

Dave doerr

I use old detergent containers and cheesy puffs containers, I buy in bulk and then seal them under saran wrap then put the lid on.