Distract Your Pet During Fireworks

Written by Doris Donnerman (last updated February 17, 2009)

If you're like most people, you enjoy the bright lights and noise of fireworks on the Fourth of July. When I was about five or six, the fireworks on the Fourth of July woke me up, and I was really sacred! I sought the comfort of my parents, and they introduced me to the wonders of fireworks, and I've loved them ever since! However to your pet, the noise and lights of fireworks feel more like Armageddon. You are in a precarious situation as a pet owner, and you need to make sure you take the right actions to ensure your pet's safety.

The thing to worry about the most is the risk of your pet hurting itself. This could happen if you tie your pet outside, and then your pet proceeds to try and escape, tugging at the string, and potentially really harming itself. With the loud noises and lights associated with fireworks, your pet could become really agitated, and regardless of the pain it could inflict, your pet could strain hard at its leash, in a desperate attempt to get away. Besides the risk involved with straining hard against the leash or rope (including abrasions and strangulations), if your pet actually does escape, you could have a whole other problem on your hands.

If your pet gets free from the rope, there are a couple of things that could happen. If you're in an enclosed area, then your pet should be okay, because there shouldn't be anywhere to go. Your pet might scuttle and hide in the trees or in the bushes for a while, but ultimately, it should be okay. If, however, you are in an open area, your pet could be in for some trouble. Your pet could run away, and in its frantic state, probably won't be in the best state for watching out for other hazards, like cars. The best thing to do in an open area is just to not have your pet with you.

To minimize the panic felt by your pet because of the fireworks, you could keep your pet inside, where hopefully, the noise won't be as intense. If your pet is especially frantic, you might want to put it in a kennel (or another comfortable place), to calm it down. There isn't any way you can completely protect your pet from the commotion of fireworks, but you can minimize it. You also just have to accept the fact that your pet will just have to endure a stressful night.

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