Don't Feed Your Cat Raw Eggs

by Doris Donnerman
(last updated February 17, 2009)

I love to eat raw cookie dough. Whenever I make cookies, I swear half of the dough doesn't even make it into the oven. In fact, I am a firm believer that the dough is better than the actual cookies it produces. The same principle often applies to cake batter. (However, the cake that results from cake batter is often quite excellent, so I suppose it's a fair statement to say that the cake batter is as good as the cake it produces!) I do need to be careful, however, with my raw cookie dough intake. We've all been told before of the dangers surrounding eating raw eggs. So, if raw eggs aren't good for humans, then reason stands to dictate that raw eggs aren't good for your pets either.

If we eat raw eggs, we risk contracting salmonella. Salmonella can reside in many raw food products, and can cause typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever. Just as raw eggs affect us, they can affect our pets the same way, and so you should always watch what your pets eat, so you don't have any major issues. Also, raw eggs contain a protein called avidin, which can rob them of biotin, a vitamin needed for growth and a healthy coat. And seriously, how often will there be an occasion when you randomly feed your cat something with raw eggs in it?

The nutrients in eggs are still healthy, so your cat need not have to miss out on a delicious, high-protein snack. Eggs actually contain a lot of needed protein, and shouldn't be eliminated from your cat's diet forever. You just need to be careful about the state of the eggs you feed your cat. Just be sure to cook the eggs before putting them in your cat's food bowl. Do keep in mind that your cat needs the appropriate nutrients, and much protein can be found in eggs. You just need to monitor the eggs and make sure that you only feed your cat cooked eggs!

Author Bio

Doris Donnerman

Doris is a jack of all trades, writing on a variety of topics. Her articles have helped enlighten and entertain thousands over the years. ...


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