Naming Your Bird

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 17, 2009)

Naming your bird can be almost as much fun as when trying to find the name for any new member of your family. Many of the same things that help people decide how to come up with the any name. Quite often, when the decision process is going on a person can become overwhelmed by all the possible names that you can choose from. When choosing a name for a new baby, there are literally millions of names for a person to choose from. In fact, a whole cottage industry has arisen to help deal with just that process. Take a look at any bookstore today, and you are going to find examples of this, through the sheer number of books that have baby names (and their meaning).

Though similar in many ways, when naming your bird the process is luckily different. There are really only three things that you as a bird owner have to be concerned with. By using these guidelines you are going to be able to choose the perfect name for your pet, while at the same time coming up with something a little more imaginative than "Tweety."

  • Personality. Whenever you are looking to come up with the name for a bird, one of the largest aids in determining the best possible name would be the personality. Take some time, say roughly a few days, before making your final determination. Closely observe the interaction between your feathered friend and the world at large and use those observations to help make your final determination. One example would be that if your bird is feisty and a little bit of a scrapper, then you might want to consider "Rocky" or "Apollo" (from the Rocky movies).
  • Looks. Does it really surprise anyone that the looks are going to help play a role in your decision of a name? An example where the looks of your bird might play a role in the decision of the name would be if your bird had dark colored feathers then some of the names that you might consider would be along the lines of "Shadow," "Blackie," or "Midnight."
  • Species. Often, the species of your bird is going to play a role in your decision. Considering that different species have a different look, then this could affect your decision. An example of this could be if you had a cockatiel (which tend to have a large spiky crest on their heads) and decided to name him/her "Punky."
  • Popularity. If you want to avoid being just another one of the crowd, then you might not want to choose a less than popular name. The more popular a name, then the more often is it is used by the populace at large. The top 5 names for a bird is (in no particular order) are Baby, Charlie, Kiwi, Sunny and Buddy. By using these guidelines you should be able to come up with the perfect name.
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