Basic Bird Care

by Kyrstie Waters
(last updated May 6, 2009)

Birds are very interesting animals. Each one has different personalities and require different amounts of attention from you. My bird loves to be held and cuddled and he has a very bright and bubbly personality.

Birds like routines, so it's important for you to develop a routine that works for you. Holding your bird when you wake up in the morning or when you get home from work is a good routine habit for your bird. Cover your bird every night with a dark cloth so that your bird has some privacy. Get into the habit of taking the cloth off and putting it on the same time every morning and night. I usually put the dark cloth over my bird's cage about seven or eight pm. Some birds, like mine, will let you know when they are ready to sleep. My bird gets very loud and starts chirping very loudly, but quiets down once the cover is over his cage.

Your bird should have plenty of room inside its cage. Provide the cage with many different kinds of toys for your bird to play with. In my bird's cage, I have a swing and a couple wooden toys. One is very colorful with a bell on the end. This is his favorite! Provide your bird's cage with many perches for your pet to sit or climb on. I have two perches for my bird, both at different levels inside the cage. I also have a ladder for my bird inside his cage. Birds like to perch as high as they can get, and my bird usually sleeps or sits at the top of the ladder (it's the highest spot inside the cage).

You should have plenty of seed for your bird to eat in a food dish. Give them pieces of fruits and vegetables on occasion to give them a healthy diet. My bird loves to eat vegetables, but doesn't like fruit very much. Don't ever feed your bird chocolate or avocado. These are very poisonous to your bird!

In my experience, birds make great pets. They require more of your attention than a cat or dog, but they are very fun and intelligent animals. Birds live a very long time; mine will live about 20 years. Have fun with your bird and make sure to take good care of it! You will find that these feathered friends make excellent companions.

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Kyrstie Waters


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