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Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 17, 2009)

Like with any other choice in life, deciding on a pet is something that needs to be carefully thought over. In order to help decide on what would make the best possible pet for you, I have compiled a list of the 10 most popular animals for pets in the United States. Almost all of these pets can be found in any of your local pet store, and are going to wildly differ in their price range.

  • Dogs. One of the perennial top four in pets. Dogs are faithful and obedient if treated well, and can be just the opposite if neglected or abused in any way. The initial cost of a dog can run you about $740.00 to $1850.00 depending on the species, and on average live around 14 years.
  • Cats. Another of the popular pets that many people purchase. It is interesting to note that cats have their own distinct personalities, and is something that might take some time to get used to. Another thing that takes many people by surprise is the cost associated with these pets. Even with the bare bones cost, over the life of your cat, it can run you around $13,000.
  • Fish. Fish are without a doubt the single most popular type of pets available. Depending on the species, the cost and life span is going to vary widely. These pets are popular for probably the relatively simple fact that they are low maintenance.
  • Birds. Birds are a fairly popular pet as well. However, some take more care of others, while others are going to live longer than what you might be prepared for.
  • Snakes. These pets are quite popular, though it can be fairly confusing about how to take care of them. The reason for this is that not all snakes behave the same way. Some snakes are more laid back than others, while still others can be extremely aggressive and deadly.
  • Ferrets. Ferrets are probably one of the more exotic common pets out on the market today. These nocturnal animals are extremely playful and curious and for the most part very easy to get along with. Probably one of the more fun, and easy to take care of type of animals out there.
  • Hamsters. A perennial favorite among young families. However families should know that these pets should not really be given to youngsters. The reason for this is that they are nocturnal creatures, which means that they sleep during the day when most children want to play around with them. When woken up they tend to get a little cranky when this happens.
  • Guinea Pigs. Larger than hamsters, and smaller than rabbits (for the most part). Guinea pigs are fairly cuddly creatures that are another popular choice among young families. However, these pets are easily stressed (and thus prone to the fight or flight instinct), so should be handled with care. Such animals that are easily panicked should not be used as a family pet for families that have young children.
  • Mice/Rats. These pets are among the more popular ones simply due to the ease of their care. For the most part, these pets can be left to their own devices, but they do need to have some special care when handling. Because these are such small animals, they are usually easily frightened, and may bite if not handled properly.
  • Reptiles. One of the more popular animals that can be purchased due to the easy nature that their care provides. Quite often, these pets are considered perfect for younger children because of how easy they are to take care of. Depending on the reptile though, you are going to wan tot be careful since some are more cranky than others, and as such should not be used for pets around small children.

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