What Type of Snake Makes the Best Pet?

Written by Kyrstie Waters (last updated May 11, 2009)

There are three different types of snakes that would make great pets for beginners. These three snakes consist of Corn snakes, Ball Pythons, and King snakes.

  • Corn Snakes. This type of snake is generally the most popular type of snake for beginning owners. They adapt very well to captivity and are easy to care for. Corn snakes will willingly eat thawed frozen mice. A large bowl or dish should be provided in the snake's cage for regular bathing, but the bowl should be heavy enough as to not overturn. Corn snakes do not get very large, therefore do not need a very large cage. Be sure to place hollowed out logs and branches inside your pet's cage to provide your snake with a hideout and exercise.
  • Ball Pythons. Ball pythons also do not need a very large tank. However, this type of snake is very good at escaping and requires a fitted top to their tank. Be sure to provide this snake with large branches and some form of enclosure so that your pet has a place to hide. Ball pythons prefer to eat small mice or medium sized rats, depending on the size of your snake. Ball pythons can live up to 50 years! However, on average this snake will live about 20 to 30 years.
  • King Snakes. This type of snake absolutely requires a secure tank, as these creatures can escape from very small spaces. This type of snake requires plenty of hiding spots inside their tank. You can use hollowed out logs, overturned flower pots, and even carboard boxes make great hiding places and are a cheap addition to your pet's home. King snakes usually prefer mice or baby rats as their sole diet. Feeding your snake pre-killed mice is suggested to avoid harming your pet. These snakes can reach a length of six to seven feet and can live anywhere from 15 to 20 years. There should not be more than one King snake in a cage. If you have more than one King snake be sure to house them in separate tanks, as they will try to eat each other.

These three types of snakes are highly recommended for beginners. All three of them are very easy to take care of, although each of their needs may differ slightly. When picking your pet snake, keep in mind their housing requirements, the length of size in adulthood, and their average life span. Once you've covered the basics of your new pet, you are on your way to becoming a great snake owner!

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Kyrstie Waters


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