Taking Care of Hamsters While Traveling

Written by Kyrstie Waters (last updated June 11, 2009)


When traveling with your hamster, the less change put it through the better off it will be, and the less stress your hamster will endure. It is very stressful and terrifying for your hamster to be removed from its home and relocated, so take extra care and caution when traveling with your hamster.

Providing your hamster with a good carrier is the most important part of traveling. Make sure your hamster's carrier is assembled very well and is escape-proof. Avoid wire carriers at all costs. They are not very well enclosed. Your hamster needs to be in a securely enclosed carrier. The best carrier would be a plastic one. Do not put anything inside the carrier that can move around easily, such as water dishes. The water will splash and spill, only causing a mess for you and cause axiety for your hamster.

Make sure that you keep your hamster's diet the same. Remember that the less change you put your hamster through the better. Supply your hamster with the food that it is used to eating. A hamster's stomach is much like a human's and a change in water can upset your hamster's stomach. Bring bottled water for your hamster when traveling. Bring some treats along for your hamster to reduce tension and stress. Keep your hamster at as much ease as possible.

There are many things you can do while you are traveling to ensure your hamster is the least stressed out as possible. Place the carrier somewhere in the car that is out of direct sunlight. Overheating is very dangerous for your hamster. Try your best to not bump your hamster's cage around; as you imagine, this could be very stressful. Do not let anyone play with your hamster during the trip, this will cause too much stress for your hamster. Try not to bother your hamster while traveling by handling and holding. This can stress your hamster out more. Instead, try to soothe your hamster by talking to it gently. The sound of your familiar voice can help your hamster remain calm.

Most hamsters will do fine when traveling. Your hamster will most likely endure tension and anxiety along the way, that is expected when moving it from its home and placing it in an unfamiliar place. You'd be scared too! However, the stress level of your hamster can be kept to a minimum if you keep these tips in mind while you are traveling. As always, it is a good idea to check with your local veterinarian to make sure your hamster is in good condition for travel.

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I'm staying at my nans house for two nights so I brought my hamster with me in her cage she was fine in the car and fine for the rest of the after noon but when she come out of her bed at about 6 she was really slow walking round her cage and she looked liked she was shaking a tiny bit so I gave her a treat that I give her every night she eat it and then I left her then at about 8 i heard her wheel for five mins where ussually she would go in it a few mins after she gets up for ages .

Any advice ?