You wouldn't knowingly give your pet something that would harm them. Sadly, there are a number of things in and out of your home that can literally be poison to your pet. Knowing what to watch for could save your pet's life.

Avoiding mushrooms, onions, and penicillin can all be toxic to your pet. The tips in this section will give you the information you need to protect your pet from these items and others that you might not have considered as problems.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Ban Mushrooms from Your Cat's Diet
Animals' diets are just as important to their health as our diets are to ours. You need to be careful what you feed your cats, and mushrooms are in that category of things to ration.

   Don't Feed Cats and Dogs Onions
Onions may serve to spice up our food and give it more flavor and zest. However, it doesn't do the same things for animals, and you need to make sure that your cats and dogs don't eat any onions.

   Don't Give Your Pets Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is no fun to get, and it's the same way for pets. Pets can get food poisoning, and so take things into your own hands and protect your pet against food poisoning.

   Keep Yard Fertilizer Away from Pets
Many substances are poisonous to animals, and most of the time animals have senses that protect them against harmful substances. However, as a pet owner, you need to be on the watch for toxic substances like yard fertilizer.

   Protect Your Cat from Mothballs
Mothballs may be helpful in protecting your clothes from the ravages of moths during the summer and winter, but mothballs aren't good for much else. Protect your cat's health by keeping your cat away from mothballs.

   Protect Your Pet from Penicillin
Penicillin works for human beings as a form of revolutionary medicine, but believe it or not, penicillin isn't so good for your pets. Brush up on your pet medical knowledge, and make sure that your pet is receiving the best health care it can.

   Some Plants Can Kill Your Pets
Just like certain plants can harm us, certain plants can also harm your pets. Become knowledgeable about what your pets should avoid, and you'll keep your pet safe from unwanted plants.

   Toxic Table Scraps
On the average, toxic table scraps can lead to more emergency visits to the pet doctor than any other reason. Avoid the costly headaches and trauma to your pet by keeping them away from these common household food items.