Exotic Pets

Dogs and cats are easy to care for. But they aren't the only animals that make good pets. There are several, more exotic, pets such as spiders, snakes, and iguanas that can be wonderful pets as well.

This section of tips can help you take care of your non-traditional pet. You'll find some information about spiders and snakes along with a list of the top 10 exotic pets.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Basic Spider Care
Though spiders are easy to care for, they do require some maintenance from you. The basics of spider care are housing, feeding, moulting, handling and stress. These tips will help you with the basics of caring for your spider.

   Top 10 Exotic Pets
Everyone needs a little help when choosing their pets. If you have ever wondered about some pets that would be a little more exotic than the norm take a look. Here is some information on the top 10 exotic pets.

   What Do Snakes Eat?
What a snake eats depends on its species, growth and habitat. Size is also a factor for what a snake will eat. All snakes are carnivores, and swallow their food whole. Depending on food availability, a snake will eat once a week or twice a month.

   What Types of Spiders Make the Best Pet?
A Chilean Rose tarantula is an idyllic spider for beginners. They are very easy to care for, very inexpensive, and require little or no attention from their owners. They are very easily maintained and have a life span of 15 or more years.