Top 10 Exotic Pets

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated February 17, 2009)

There is all kinds of fun when it comes to getting a new pet. Probably the single most difficult part of getting a new pet is choosing which pet it is you should make a new member of your family. When going over this decision in your mind, why choose something that anyone else can have. There are some animals out there that a bit more unusual than your typical dog or cat.

These types of pets are called exotic pets. Simply put, they are considered exotic for the simple reason that they are not the average animals that one would expect to find in the home. Before choosing anyone of these particular pets though, be aware that there might be special laws (both state and federal) that limit what types of animals are in fact allowed to be used as pets. Check to make sure that you do not break or violate these laws prior to purchasing these and bringing them into your home.

  • Burmese Pythons. These snakes are probably the single most popular snake on the market. Snakes such as this typically live for about 20 to 35 years, and can grow to be around 20 feet in length. When feeding these snakes they are going to eat animals like rabbits and other small rodents.
  • Wallaroos. These animals basically look like a miniature, or at least smaller, version of the kangaroo. On average they are about 40 inches long, and are very curious and lively animals. Don't purchase these animals unless you have plenty of space, and time to devote to their care. They can live for up to 20 years.
  • Hybrid Cats. You may not have heard of these animals before, but are gaining in popularity. Typically, these animals are bred usually utilizing artificial insemination and a cross between any two different cats. Depending on what the lifespan is from the parent cats, your new pet could live for a very long time, also be very careful when handling these animals since they are likely going to still be feral in some respects.
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. When I first hear about this one, I actually said "What?" Believe it or not, they are gaining in popularity and only the males are considered to be the most aggressive. Be careful when handling them. The average lifespan is roughly 4 years and yes, they really do hiss.
  • Scorpions. Not all scorpions are dangerous. By dangerous I mean poisonous. The types that are kept as pets are usually among the larger type, though they can still hurt like the dickens when you get stung. These arachnids can live for up to 8 years, and as hardy as cockroaches.
  • Tarantulas. These very large, non-poisonous spiders can live for 20 years and are said to be very affectionate. That being said, I personally don't like spiders, however they are among the cleaner types of pets you could get. Though typically they are not dangerous to humans, these spiders can be territorial.
  • Bearded Dragons. The bearded dragon is a native of Australia and is similar in many respects to an iguana. Though these reptiles are not aggressive to humans they are, however, mildly venomous and could make you sick if bitten. These animals live to be about 10 years old, and get their name from the way they look like they have a beard when threatened or during mating season.
  • Chimpanzees. It's not only people like Michael Jackson that keep these animals as pets. It is true that they can be very affectionate and loving towards their owners, however they are also the most like a human. They can lose their temper (and end up throwing all kinds of nasty stuff your way), and live for up to 50 years or so.
  • Fennec Foxes. Probably the single most attractive of the exotic pets. These are cute animals can live for up to 16 years, and are the only ones that can possibly be domesticated. These animals also do not have the temperament issues (or odor) that comes with other types of foxes. Be sure that you are have plenty of energy since they are an extremely active and playful animal.
  • Alligators. There is a little kernel of truth to the old urban legend about baby alligators getting flushed down the drains and ending up in the sewers of New York. These animals are native to both America and China and can live for up to 10 years. While not as aggressive as the crocodile, you are going to want to be careful. You don't want to be bitten, and they can run up to 30 miles per hour on land.

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