Cold Weather

Just because your pet has a coat of fur or hair doesn't mean it will stay warm in cold weather. If you have an outside pet and live in an area where the weather gets cold, you'll want to take extra care of him when the temperature drops.

Keeping your pet's food and water fresh is just one of the tips you'll find in this section. There is also some information about weatherproofing your dog's doghouse and how to protect your dog's paws from the road salt during the winter.

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   Protect Your Dog's Paws from Road Salt
You wouldn't think that road salt would be dangerous, that it is only used for making the roads safe. However, the rock salt can be detrimental to your dog's paws and you should watch out and keep your dog safe.

   Watch Your Dogs Food and Water in Winter
Dogs that live primarily outside need special care and attention in the winter. If you are the owner of such a pet, you need to watch your dog's food and water in the winter, to keep it safe and nourished.

   Weatherproof Your Dog's Doghouse
If you keep your dog outside, you may have to deal with keeping your dog comfortable with the weather. Take the appropriate measures to weatherproof your dog's doghouse and keep your dog safe and happy.