Part of the joy of having a pet is having it live indoors with you. While he might be considered a member of the family, he still needs to spend some time outside to take care of business. The trick is to train him so that he tells you he needs to go ? before it's too late.

This section of tips can help you train your dog so that he knows when he needs to go outside. Even the dogs that hate the outdoors can be trained to ask to go out when it's appropriate. You'll find some ideas here that will get your dog moving in that direction.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Let Your Dog Tell You When It Needs to Go Out
It's a pain to have to guess when your dog needs to go out. What if you don't pick up on the signs and your dog ends up going in the living room? What you need to do is train your dog to tell you when it needs to go out—take the guess work out!