Basic Fish Care

Written by Kyrstie Waters (last updated May 1, 2009)


When it comes to caring for your fish, it is absolutely vital that you maintain their environment to keep them healthy. There are quite a few things you can do to make sure that your fish maintain a healthy environment.

  • Tank. The tank is a very important part of keeping your fish healthy. There are many factors that contribute to having the right tank and the right environment for your fish. The tank should have plenty of room for your fish, with many spaces for the fish to hide. You will also need to buy a filter to manage the waste throughout the tank.
  • After the tank is set up. Once the tank is set up and in working, ready condition for your fish, it's time to put your fish in the tank. Be sure to watch your fish occasionally so you can note any odd behavior. Monitor your tank settings and be sure that it is the proper environment for your fish. Feed your fish once a day and remove any food that they have not eaten within five minutes.

Improperly managing your aquarium is one of the most common reasons that fish die. The water must always be maintained to the proper temperature, as well as getting rid of any harmful wastes and toxins. There are many diseases and problems that can arise with your fish if they are not properly cared for. There are signs and symptoms that you should always look for: White fuzzy spots on your fish, patches of a gray cotton-like substance around the gills and rotting fins are all signs that your fish has a disease. When this happens, the best thing to do is to isolate the infected fish and buy a treatment medicine for your tank and fish.

If your fish seems to not be breathing properly or to be gasping for air, this is most likely due to a lack of oxygen in the tank. Make sure that you have the proper temperature and settings for your aquarium. Overcrowding your fish tank could also cause this problem. If the problem persists, try buying an airstone for your tank. An airstone is a device that attaches to the pump in your tank and helps aerate the water. You can buy an airstone at almost any pet store for under ten dollars.

Once you get the basics of fish care down, you will enjoy taking care of your fish. There are many things to keep an eye on to help keep them healthy, but your fish will live for a very long time. Here's to healthy fish!

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Kyrstie Waters


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this tip does not illustrate the very basics of keeping fish as pets!
what about nitrogen cycle?
what about chlorine and chloramine water tretment??
and other!!!!