Dog Feeding

As a member of your family, you want to make sure that your dog gets the right amount of food and proper nutrition. Dog food is a great option because it is formulated just for your furry friend. If you have ever wanted to add some of your food to your dog's diet, the tips in this section can help you know what you can feed him, and what you should avoid.

You'll find some great tips about making a disposable pet bowl and tricking your dog into losing weight. There is also some information about why you shouldn't give your dog a bone, chocolate, or onions.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Don't Feed Cats and Dogs Onions
Onions may serve to spice up our food and give it more flavor and zest. However, it doesn't do the same things for animals, and you need to make sure that your cats and dogs don't eat any onions.

   Don't Give a Dog a Bone
While the TV shows, movies, and cartoons all show pet owners tossing their dogs a bone for a treat, that's not what you should do in real life. There are significant risks associated with giving a dog a bone, and as a dog owner you should be well aware of those risks.

   Helping a Runt Get Food
Runts don't always get the best lot, you know. While it may be in the course of nature for the runt to lose out, as a pet owner, you need to take charge and make sure that your runt is getting enough of what it needs.

   Making a Disposable Pet Bowl
You have an on-the-go life, one that is hard to stop in its tracks—I understand. There may be times when you have your pet with you, and you're stuck without anything to put its food in. Here's a way to quickly solve your problem!

   Never Give Dogs Chocolate
You often here to not give your dogs chocolate, but you may not know why. Learn the reason behind the advice, and you'll be even more determined to keep chocolate away from your dog.

   Trick Your Dog into Losing Weight
It's true—sometimes dogs get a little chubby. As a pet owner you need to be aware of this possibility, and know that there are tricks you can use to help your dog lose excess weight.