Hound Dog Breeds

Known for their keen sense of smell and ability to track and hunt various animals, hound dogs can make wonderful pets. These dogs are usually very loyal and easy to train. In this section of tips you'll discover more about this breed which includes the Beagle, Dachshund, Greyhound, and Basset Hound.

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   Afghan Hound
The Afghan Hound, very much a one man dog, gives the impression of shyness. He is an avid hunter, able to move at great speed over uneven terrain.

   American Foxhound
Said to be the most versatile of the hounds, the American Foxhound possesses great stamina, nose and natural hunting intelligence. His speed and ability to master rugged terrain with ease make him the ideal fox hunter.

Known as "the barkless dog" the Basenji has several unusual characteristics. He is intelligent, easily trained, quiet and anxious to please.

   Basset Hound
Being close to the ground with a very strong nose, the Basset Hound is ideal for small game hunting. He is docile in nature and hardworking.

The Beagle's versatility and friendly demeanor make him a vastly popular dog. He is highly competitive and adapts easily.

   Black and Tan Coonhound
Raccoon and possum hunting are the Black and Tan Coonhound's specialty. He is not only hardy and tough, but affectionate, sensitive and kind.

Known for their exceptional scenting abilities, the Bloodhound has long been a valuable tool in crime detection. He is gentle, affectionate and docile.

Graceful in movement, the Borzoi is quick and lithe. Due to his courage, strength and speed he is a great coyote and wolf hunter.

Although adept at hunting small ground game, the Dachshund is not used much for this anymore. His friendly, clean, loyal demeanor has made him a popular family pet.

   English Foxhound
Stouter than the American breed, the English Foxhound is still utilized for his intended purpose: foxhunting. He has great stamina, a good nose and determination.

Used primarily for racing today, the Greyhound was once a great forest hunter. He has keen eyesight and is known for his great beauty and grace.

Having little popularity now, the Harrier was once used for chasing hare. He is very similar in appearance to the English Foxhound and is friendly and outgoing in disposition.

   Irish Wolfhound
With great speed and gaming abilities, the Irish Wolfhound is often used for hunting wolf, coyote and other large game. He is loyal, gentle and affectionate.

   Norwegian Elkhound
Bold, strong and energetic, the Norwegian Elkhound is ideal for hunting large game. He is highly intelligent and very courageous.

The Otterhound possesses great endurance and superb swimming abilities. His determination and strong nose make him a worthy opponent to the Otter.

Commonly referred to as the "Gazelle Hound", the Saluki possesses great speed and grace. He is native of the East and is held in the utmost regard there.

   Scottish Deerhound
Graceful yet rugged, the Scottish Deerhound can hold his own in hunt with both large and small game. He is friendly, devoted and loyal

Extremely fast, the Whippet is used for coursing rabbits and match racing. He is quiet, dignified and affectionate.