Herding Dog Breeds

Dogs are wonderful companions. Some dogs can also be great watchdogs. Many breeds are naturals at herding and keeping a watch on whatever they are charged with.

The tips in this section are all about herding dog breeds. You'll learn more about these dogs including the Belgian sheepdog, Briard, Collie, and German Shepherd.

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   Belgian Sheepdog
A stubborn, spirited defender, the Belgian Sheepdog is a perfect watchdog. He has great endurance and is practiced at withstanding harsh weather.

   Bouvier Des Flandres
The Bouvier Des Flandres was highly utilized in World War II as a police and messenger dog. He is courageous and energetic and capable of withstanding the harshest of elements.

Highly adaptable and able to withstand the weather, the Briard has become very popular in America. He has a loyal quietness about him that makes him a perfect companion and guardian.

   Cardigan Welsh Corgi
The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has been used as a herding dog in Wales with great success due to his close to the ground size. He is of rare breed here in America.

When it has come to tending sheep and cattle, the Collie's skills have proven invaluable. He is a perfect dog for children due to his gentle, affectionate disposition.

   German Shepherd Dog
Beautiful and noble in all aspects, the German Shepherd has been known for his service work. His greatest attributes are his strength, alertness and agility.

   Old English Sheepdog
The Old English Sheepdog is infamous for his heavy, dense coat, which is sometimes used to make expensive garments. He possesses very keen hearing and sense of smell.

   Pembroke Welsh Corgi
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is only slightly different than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in color and size. He shows some resemblance to the Fox and is friendly and spirited.

The Puli is used as a rabbit, duck and sheep dog. His coat has a very unique cording appearance. He is intelligent, courageous and very active.

   Shetland Sheepdog
The Shetland Sheepdog was originally bred to produce a smaller sheepdog for the herding of smaller livestock. He is affectionate, intelligent and sweet in disposition.