Miscellaneous Dog Breeds

Many dogs belong to a specific breed. However, not every dog can be classified in the traditional categories. Bulldogs, Walker Hounds, and the Redbone Hound are examples of these dogs. The tips in this section will give you information about these dogs and their characteristics.

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   Bluetick Coonhound
The Bluetick Hound is a strain from an English Foxhound. He is easily trained and keen on trailing.

Initially bred for fighting, the Bulldog is now a sought after pet. He is docile and affectionate by nature.

   Redbone Hound
The Redbone Hound is naturally adept at treeing. He is well known for his coon hunting abilities.

   Treeing Walker
The Treeing Walker is specialized in coon hunting. He is proficient in treeing and trailing.

   Walker Hound
The Walker Hound is a strain of the American Foxhound. He is a highly driven, quick fox hunter.